Spreading the thick and juicy word of food, fat and feminism through Fat Girl Food Squad

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Fat Girl Food Squad is a blog, and more importantly ­— a community, focused on the intersection between food, fat, and feminism. These core ideas inform everything we do and everything we write about.

In less than two years, head ‘bee’ in charge Ama Scriver and artistic director & co-founder, Yuli Scheidt have created a safe space on the internet to talk frankly and openly about what really mattered to them and advocate for those in the community.

Since then their little corner of the Internet had grown and they now have what they have dubbed ‘Squads’ in cities such as Hamilton, Winnipeg, Denver and New York City. With guest contributors from as far as Los Angeles, Boston, England and Australia.

With regular events which they have dubbed IRL meet-ups, they have explored new mediums such as their Fat in Public art show, two plus-size clothing pop-up shops, fundraisers for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre and most recently, a collaboration with food feminist quarterly Render (from Portland) including a food photography workshop and dinner.

Fat Girl Food Squad are fundamentally about people of all shapes and sizes eating good food and feeling good in their bodies, in every way possible. Because of this mantra, we have been tapped by several noted press outlets including Mashable, CBC Metro Morning, Food Bloggers of Canada, Room Magazine and Plus Model Magazine to discuss all things Fat Girl Food Squad. Most notable would be the cover feature on NOW Magazine’s Body Issue, released January 2015.

Inclusivity and community building are at the core of everything we do. We operate under the principle that, regardless of size or gender, there is a ‘Fat Girl’ living in everyone.

Key Take Aways

  • Community management
  • Blog monetization
  • Internet activism
  • Growth potential
  • Event planning
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Q: What do I get out of volunteering?

What don’t you get?! You’ll be part of Toronto’s coolest digital media community, attend some great sessions and meet awesome people. We make sure volunteers have the opportunity to attend the event and get the most out of it for themselves too! Not to mention, there’s the opportunity to network with a marketers, community managers, podcasters and more. And of course, you’ll get a fine addition to your resume and we’re happy to give you a reference!

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