Pete’s 101 Tips For Radically Better Photos

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Whether it’s your IPhone, IPad or Android device or a pro-level digital camera with interchangeable lenses or a simple point-and-shoot camera you can be taking way better images by attending Pete’s 101 Tips For Radically Better Photos.

So BRING YOUR CAMERA to the workshop.

A professional press photographer with decades of experience and as a photo editor and magazine editor for a group of national magazines, Peter understands photography and how to get the most out of your camera.

As a long-time teacher for one of Canada’s largest camera retailers, Peter has taught thousands of students how to shoot better images. Whether you are shooting for your website, Facebook or your business blog or perhaps you just want better photos of your vacation or good times, Pete’s 101 Tips For Radically Better Photos is for you.

All of Pete’s tips from this workshop will be available for free at his teaching blog.

Key Take Aways

  • How to shoot way better images regardless of your camera.
  • What equipment to buy and not buy.
  • How to make natural light and flash work for you.
  • How to enhance your images using software to make them sing.
  • How to protect and keep your images safe forever.
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Sunday, February 15

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