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Digital Marketing Therapy

CIMA Digital Marketing Therapy sessions are designed to extract expert knowledge from experienced marketing practitioners quickly and easily.

The moderator asks questions of both audience and panel experts. A good moderator doesn’t tolerate long drawn out stories but rather reduces verbosity to easily digested wisdom. A good moderator finds good questions to ask and refines answers into easily scribbled notes and tweets.

How It Works

Moderator introduces experts.

Moderator asks panel questions that require yes or no answers and you can see by how they answer where they stand on controversial subjects. Ie is email marketing mostly spam? is SEO mostly linkbuilding? is Facebook going to be less valuable in the future? – my three experts will all answer differently and it will define them.

Attendees ask questions. Moderator cuts crap.

“My client is angry because of whatever” Moderator – how can she make it a win-win?

“At what point do I invest in ecommerce website for my existing retail sales business?”

“I bought a domain name for a client but he didn’t pay his invoice. Should I give it to him? “
“My client wants to use such and such a social media trend. Is it worth it for her type of business?”

Everyone is encouraged to discuss any issue or problem that they are facing in their business but Moderator wont tolerate self aggrandizement or even red herrings . The remarkable thing about CIMA Digital Marketing Therapy sessions is that people bring perspectives from all over the web so you never know what you’re going to get. Whether from business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, students, or Internet marketing professionals, you can glean advice and get insights and ideas, and feedback that you can use no matter where you are in big game.

Key Take Aways

  • Best practices for SEO, SMM, email marketing and video marketing.
  • Answers to real life problems - trouble shooting issues with marketing tools and tactics
  • Lots of career advice for students on the path to becoming industry professionals.
  • Lists of real life tools used by industry professionals - moderator makes experts spell out web tools.
  • Insight into what's involved in modern internet marketing and how experts measure results.
Intermediate Social Media & Marketing Panel


Q: What do I get out of volunteering?

What don’t you get?! You’ll be part of Toronto’s coolest digital media community, attend some great sessions and meet awesome people. We make sure volunteers have the opportunity to attend the event and get the most out of it for themselves too! Not to mention, there’s the opportunity to network with a marketers, community managers, podcasters and more. And of course, you’ll get a fine addition to your resume and we’re happy to give you a reference!

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