Can we finally stop saying that Social Media is disrupting Marketing?

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For what seems like forever, or at least a decade, we’ve heard how social media is changing communications and how it’s disrupting traditional marketing.

Enough already!

Social media is no longer a standalone strategy, but a part – albeit a potential critical part, of a marketing strategy. It’s to embrace the idea that like every other communications channel before it, social media is now part of the marketing mix.

Key Take Aways

  • What marketing professionals and CMOs are focusing on now & for the future
  • What to do when someone asks "so what is our social media strategy?"
  • How consumers use social media vs. how marketers "think" they do
  • The benefit of no longer looking at social media as a standalone strategy
  • How social media is being woven into marketing strategies for the worlds largest brands
Intermediate Social Media & Marketing Session

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Parking is not provided on-site, though there are several paid lots and some street parking available in the immediate area. Heated underground parking is available directly across Gould Street underneath the Metro grocery store. To access it, come north from Dundas up Dalhousie Street (one way) and the entrance to the garage will be on your right just before you get to Gould.

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