Psychological Architectures: Templates for Persuasive Design

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In this workshop, Dr. Cugelman will introduce you to Psychological Architectures, unique combinations of psychological principles that exert effects greater than the sum of their parts.

You may know them by different names, such as behavior change theories, evidence-based design, persuasive design patterns, conventions, or best practices. Whatever you call them, Psychological Architectures have been proven to work by scientists and practitioners, as effective ways to influence how people think and behave.

This is an introductory session which will start with a quick theoretical overview, followed by a tour of several Psychological Architectures. You will learn about gamification, feedback loops, habit formation, landing pages, digital coaching and more.

The content is all based on science, but presented in a format that is visually engaging, intuitive, and extremely practical. You will enjoy a combination of presentations along with interactive group exercises, where participants use laser points to dissect Psychological Architectures.

Key Take Aways

  • To build websites and mobile apps that can change people‚Äôs behavior
  • To recognize trendy Psychological Architectures and set realistic expectations for their potential impact
  • To know which Psychological Architectures are suitable to particular contexts, and which ones are inappropriate
  • To speed up the design process by fusing Psychological Architecture templates with creative brainstorming and iterative design
  • To critically assess the psychology used or omitted from various technologies

Q: Is the party free?

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, the party is free. Food will be provided but is first-come first-served, so be sure to get there early and stay all night! A drink ticket will also be provide for all participants upon arrival and a cash bar is available.

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