PPC Starter Camp

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After more than a decade working in digital and social media, and learning to place marketing content online to show up in search results, I’ve learned a few things about using Google Pay Per Click (Adwords) campaigns to test business offers, and provide proof of concept to potential partners and investors, and most importantly, to you. This is an extremely basic conversation for business owners and entrepreneurs, and anyone who advises clients on marketing opportunities, on the basic elements you’ll want to understand to begin to leverage the lead generation and sales opportunities from clicks from people searching on Google.

Key Take Aways

  • Provide clients a predictable, reliable, scalable source of traffic to business offers
  • How Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) work
  • What impacts Google search volume; Projecting & Protecting
  • Getting started on your own with a Pay Per Click campaign
  • Working with a Google Certified Partner
Beginner Business & Entrepreneurialism Session

Q: What do I get out of volunteering?

What don’t you get?! You’ll be part of Toronto’s coolest digital media community, attend some great sessions and meet awesome people. We make sure volunteers have the opportunity to attend the event and get the most out of it for themselves too! Not to mention, there’s the opportunity to network with a marketers, community managers, podcasters and more. And of course, you’ll get a fine addition to your resume and we’re happy to give you a reference!

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